Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE! 

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3 май 2021




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Indexz 53 минуты назад
How about ruby? Already done?
Tyrese Hicks
Tyrese Hicks Час назад
Idc this wasn’t fair at all, one shorty is a superhuman damn near, cmon Death Battle do better, I’m not saying Mikasa should’ve won but cmon this match up wasn’t good at all. The only thing that kept Mikasa alive for that love was her smarts tbh that’s it cmon man this was honestly lame
Uns33nbois 2 часа назад
Eren vs Kaneki next
Rosemarie Rosario Naul
Rosemarie Rosario Naul 3 часа назад
I love mikasa
Rosemarie Rosario Naul
Rosemarie Rosario Naul 3 часа назад
I hate you blake
Rosemarie Rosario Naul
Rosemarie Rosario Naul 3 часа назад
I vote mikasa ackerman not that blake
Spartan259 5 часов назад
I would just like to point out the fact that Blake is definitely the “villain” in this.
Sebastian De Alejandro
Sebastian De Alejandro 4 часа назад
Well, to be fair, she just ignore her, mikasa attacked her because Blake just ignore her, so ignoring is not exactly some thing bad
Aku 5 часов назад
This hurt me. No matter who wins, I lose.
beastwarrior99 6 часов назад
What are you expect their bias blake is part of their company of course she's going to win
David Liston II
David Liston II 6 часов назад
Multi Mayhem
Multi Mayhem 7 часов назад
In 12:28 Start to Results " KO"
Migs Mdrno
Migs Mdrno 7 часов назад
"bootleg Vergil" Sephiroth: witness oblivion.
CriminalIntent89 9 часов назад
what was the poiint of this? it was trash lol
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea 8 часов назад
People asked for it.
The Austin
The Austin 9 часов назад
Swift Gale
Swift Gale 10 часов назад
Really don't care who won, but I kinda knew they were gonna fellate RWBY, considering they're owned by the people who make it.
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea 9 часов назад
Weiss vs Mitsuru.
Ralix Tanner
Ralix Tanner 10 часов назад
Blake's edge was her aura. I feel like the moment that went down she should have lost. Almost every character who sustained enough damage to break their aura has seen a major downgrade in their abilities when it happens, in addition to fatigue strong enough to make some of them pass out. Hell Ren passed out in season 1 because of an over use of aura earlier when he thought without weapons. Additionally that return fire should have been cake walk to dodge for Mikasa. The fight honestly should have ended in a melee. Lastly Blake sustained a major injury and is just gonna fight a titan with no aura? Really? If the fight ended with Blake's aura still up incould see her winning as not only is it a major ability/power boost it prevents lethal damage. The moment it dropped the fight should have gone to Mikasa.
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea 9 часов назад
The reason that they become exhausted is because their Aura is depleted over the course of a fight, not all at once. With Blake's Aura being broken all at once, she was still fine for combat. And no, Mikasa was spinning out of control due to the ice bullet.
Caleb Hamm
Caleb Hamm 11 часов назад
Damn its been a while since superman vs goku
PandaVsGames 12 часов назад
Mikasa probably has better odds vs wolverine than magic, flying, substitution ninjitsu, gun anime catgirl.
Free Dom
Free Dom 14 часов назад
So basically a one sided fight to the death and a possible p0rn couple on devientart. No bad, death battle, not bad.
yes man
yes man 14 часов назад
damn matpat and deathbattle started in the same year i feel old good job guys
Justin Here
Justin Here 14 часов назад
I need fair fights guys😁😁 keep up the gud work tho
TaîRøne Yennille
TaîRøne Yennille 14 часов назад
Kyler Dalaney
Kyler Dalaney 15 часов назад
ಠ_ಠ 15 часов назад
Michael Drumgold
Michael Drumgold 16 часов назад
Nathan0973 9 часов назад
@Michael Drumgold 😀😀😀😀😀
Michael Drumgold
Michael Drumgold 9 часов назад
@Nathan0973 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nathan0973 11 часов назад
U Mad
WEAD 44 16 часов назад
Please do Clone wars Anakin Skywalker vs Crocodile from One Piece. I will never stop asking
Calum Daly
Calum Daly 17 часов назад
Stan Smith (American Dad!) vs Sterling Archer (Archer) Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings) vs Jon Snow (Game of Thrones) Voldermort (Harry Potter) vs Night King (Game of Thrones) Jason Voorhees vs Michael Myers Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy) vs Lenka Utsugi (God Eater) Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat) vs Rock Lee (Naruto) Sam B (Dead Island) vs Negan (Walking Dead) Lara Croft vs Claire Redfield The Thing vs The Marker (Dead Space) or Evelyn vs The Marker (Resident Evil 7 vs Dead Space) Zidane Tribal (Final Fantasy) vs Shadow the Hedgehog (I know, he's fought 3 times already!) Nemesis vs G-Birkin (Resident Evil 2 vs Resident Evil 3)
Edge 18 часов назад
Batman vs Miles "Tails" Prower would be pretty good! Both inventors, geniuses, and have no parents.
A Johnson
A Johnson 18 часов назад
How about a future episode featuring Omni Man vs Superman!
Danny Lamina
Danny Lamina 18 часов назад
"it's like running away is her superpower!" Shinji Ikari:"Write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN!!!"
emircek 18 часов назад
Can you do goku black vs someone?
Tj Vayne
Tj Vayne 18 часов назад
Regardless of the outcome, this fight was GREAT.
TinyboxTim 20 часов назад
I’d have been a little mad if it ended any other way 😂😂😂
Marçal Vieira
Marçal Vieira 20 часов назад
What a nonsense battle, the other girl has powers and Mikasa is just a normal human with great skills hahaha wtf DB
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea 8 часов назад
Mikasa clearly is not "just a normal human."
George 20 часов назад
Gee imagine that. Them favoring the character their company owns. Shocking.
SirKillalot98 19 часов назад
Weiss lost to Mitsuru
bobby shmurda
bobby shmurda 20 часов назад
Plz hiruzen sarutobi third hokage vs avatar aang or minato namikaze vs I don't care
Jose Severino
Jose Severino 20 часов назад
Maka (soul eater) vs Ruby rose
Mr Raven
Mr Raven 22 часа назад
mikasa vs levi plz
nyzayah fnaf plush
nyzayah fnaf plush 22 часа назад
Five Nights at Freddy's versus Chuck-E-Cheese
JT 23 часа назад
I love both shows, and I'm ok with this.
Yoda День назад
Hands down one of the most bull fights I’ve seen.
Edo Senin
Edo Senin День назад
rimiru tempest vs kumoko san!
Hazard 01
Hazard 01 День назад
I love you guys, but y’all forgot about the gun ODM gear
Andrew Metzenroth
Andrew Metzenroth День назад
yes, you could attach wires to people with swords and fling them around to kill titans. or you could just use a gun that fires swords, you obviously have the technology to do that instead. just saying.
1-800-Wavy День назад
This match was intense fr 😭
Rzk Rizvkru
Rzk Rizvkru День назад
The dragonborn VS The witcher
Justanerd День назад
Can you please stop putting characters with obvious results against each other? These fights are not interesting and are a waste of time due to the very clear-cut advantages one character has over the other. This fight, Ryuko vs Shadow, and Crona vs Venom are prime examples. It is extremely easy to deduce the outcome of these fights so it’s a waste of time to produce death battles like this. It’s only interesting if the power scaling between each character is comparable. I’m mean think about it. Sound Based fighter vs a fighter weak to sound, Reality warping vs non-Reality warping, and now a normal human vs a very durable magic wielding cat person with a whip/sword/gun. Explain to me how there is any suspense or worth whatsoever in these kinds of fights. Please and Thank you.
Nathan0973 43 минуты назад
@Justin Alicea he still took on some insane stuff
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea 8 часов назад
@Nathan0973 Because they did not exploit Venom's weakness to sound. If Hulk used a thunderclap, Venom would have been completely destroyed.
Nathan0973 11 часов назад
@SirKillalot98 venom took on Thanos, Thor and Hulk
SirKillalot98 11 часов назад
@Nathan0973 Venom was just above the street level guys before Cates happened. City vs Island.
Nathan0973 11 часов назад
@SirKillalot98 Venom could beat people who would wipe the floor with Crona
Anthony Rebolledo
Anthony Rebolledo День назад
Please make mechagodzilla 2021 vs drogon
WarChief PC Gameplays
WarChief PC Gameplays День назад
this made me sad, I can't stand Mikasa dying, I love her so much :(
Beast Lee
Beast Lee День назад
Levi is the Beast of the Ball - Mikasa is the Belle of the Ball
Hyu Jin
Hyu Jin День назад
Noone. NOONE. Blake: Likes: Yang Dislikes: Adam HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAS
brian lockett
brian lockett День назад
I love the music and how they animated Blake
Kai Honor
Kai Honor День назад
Saitama or goku vs omni man
Prince Easzrael
Prince Easzrael День назад
so were just gonna ignore the fact that in season 4 she uses a different odm that is specically made for fighting humans
kenshan parchman
kenshan parchman День назад
To be honest it wouldn't change much. They are using the manga and blake won because of her physicals and skills, which wouldn't charge regardless of what weapon mikasa had.
General Rex
General Rex День назад
Shocking, impossible anime speed and magic won. It's like once you hear, " dodges lighting", or "similar impossible speed things and other is no where close, you're good to just close the vid.
David Newman
David Newman День назад
Yeah magic anime sword and super powers vs 12 really well built swords and some cool not-web swinging. This wasn’t exactly an even match up.
BDiary День назад
STOP IT!! You breaking my heart,, Why you all always making anycharacters die on tragic and unpredictable What a Garbage!! I hate that jerk! My fav char dies in here with Maggot attack! I saw all my characters die in here and my eyes are bleeding and my heart is broken! I hate this Deathbattle! But Next Time,, i want to watch both of you fight for Dethbattle!! Who could be a winner between "Those Fat Franco from MLBB VS Skinnylittle~Puke" Boyfriendo!
Jasper Lane
Jasper Lane День назад
Is it just me or is the animation a bit on the choppy side
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong День назад
Omni man vs general zod make it happen
Private Citizen
Private Citizen День назад
Hey wiz and boomstick I got an idea for filler episodes, Johnny Test vs Johnny Bravo, Gru vs Inspector Gadget, Stewie Griffin vs Dexter from Dexter's laboratory , Spy Kids vs Codename: kids next door and Mr. Peabody vs Dr. Who and Kim Possible vs Kacey from KC undercover.
Sadomithebutthusky День назад
I HAVE AN EPIC FIGHT! Captain Planet VS Korra.
Curtis Mize
Curtis Mize День назад
Sean Weekes
Sean Weekes День назад
Can we agree the mikasa is one the scariest anime woman
Social Account
Social Account День назад
I'm not mad AoT lost, I'm mad RWBY won, awful, awful "show"
Jovanni Lopez
Jovanni Lopez День назад
So does she not git her pistols?
Musashi День назад
Aura isn't as durable as you think. Yang was a clear example, as hers is way stronger than Blake's and was still easily pierced by Adam. lool
SirKillalot98 19 часов назад
The same Adam who in Black Trailer fragmented all the metal around him? Whose strength varies based on energy absorbed Have you looked at actual feats in RWBY?
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea День назад
And what is Adam's semblance? Like Yang's, but to his sword. And he had built up that Semblance before Yang showed up.
shaquille myles
shaquille myles День назад
I would love to see gumball vs the mask
Classic Shades
Classic Shades День назад
goku vs saitama please
AOX 0 BLÀDÉ День назад
yall should do Ellie vs Clem
Jason Smith
Jason Smith День назад
That was a massively rigged fight
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea День назад
Darius Smith
Darius Smith День назад
How About "COLE" From The Video Game "INFAMOUS" Vs "LIVEWIRE" From "DC Comics"
L0rd_of_Hollows День назад
lol like the Rooster Teeth character would loose
SirKillalot98 17 часов назад
We only had three DBs with RWBY characters, so please look at the records first. If you count DBXs, RWBY has a 3-3 record now. So even if in non-researched fights they are fine with them dying.
L0rd_of_Hollows 18 часов назад
@SirKillalot98 my mind has been opened
SirKillalot98 День назад
Weiss lost to Mitsuru
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong День назад
Lamo she got yanged
pedofil День назад
little bit unrealistic though, no way those blade can deflect bullets
KADO 9 День назад
super grover vs gonzo (sesame street v the muppets)
Mitchell Murray
Mitchell Murray День назад
So having only watched season one of AOT and the first three volumes of RWBY, I can say the former is one of my favourite Anime's to date, while the latter series is one I can enjoy despite my several problems with it... Mikasa still had no chance, though.
ChillStoner День назад
I got a death battle for you Mcree(Ovetwatch) vs Erron Black(Mortal Kombat) Who’s the wildest in the west?
Nia Sayamuongbo
Nia Sayamuongbo День назад
I 💕 the video....so Amazing
Thomas Howard
Thomas Howard День назад
Wow shocker Mikasa lost to the superhuman type person
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea День назад
Mikasa is also superhuman.
Fact / Fraud
Fact / Fraud День назад
Bit of a mismatch
chelle dunwoody
chelle dunwoody День назад
Crash vs Rayman
Jahnya Lovett
Jahnya Lovett День назад
Indira Nautiyal
Indira Nautiyal День назад
Pls Do Asura vs Kratos
Twin Sayians
Twin Sayians День назад
Was that Eren or a random titan?
Skoopa92 День назад
Where’s that picture of obama putting the medal on himself 🐸
SirKillalot98 День назад
What's wrong? Blake legitimately won and RWBY has lost on this channel before with Mitsuru
K День назад
so now blake knows how yang feels losing an arm
Loui Kimchi
Loui Kimchi День назад
I just watched the third episode of the fourth season of Castlevania and saw Striga with a huge claymore and armor similar to guts’ berserker armor. This would definitely be a worthy fight.
Josef Domingo gaming
Josef Domingo gaming День назад
I think mikasa should fight someone skilled and no use of powers or magic
Xceptiona1 День назад
FearKratos444 2 дня назад
Well that's disappointing no titans came to attack them and one of them gets eating and won the battle or that Mikasa somehow as the titan powers inside of her that she didn't notice it
Kingz Seventh
Kingz Seventh 2 дня назад
Go blake
FearKratos444 2 дня назад
Isn't it blue apron and blue chew also a like
Đorđe Stamenković
Đorđe Stamenković 2 дня назад
I am yet to see a DB which is not completely one-sided. Blake vs Hibiki Kohaku (BlazBlue) would have been far less one-sided. One might argue that her shadow-clones were inspired by Hibiki's ability. Then again, BlazBlue characters are ludicrously overpowered, so it might be one-sided in Hibiki's favor.
flameknightdragon День назад
Blake vs Hibiki Kohaku would be even more one sided to this fight. since in terms of raw stats and powers Hibiki stomps.
Jonathan Juarez
Jonathan Juarez День назад
There was Wally west vs Archie Sonic which is considered one of the closest fights in death battle history where the winner was determined by a few minor bits of information.
Giyuu Tomioka
Giyuu Tomioka 2 дня назад
I was expecting a scene where Eren will interupt the battle
Christian Paul Alim
Christian Paul Alim 2 дня назад
Death Battle made the best match ups for over a decade now and I am happy that i witnessed it myself for almost 7 years. But this here my friends, happens to be the "Stupidest Matchup" i've ever seen. Like Mikasa is just a human, a regular Human with a hint of power up from her Ackermann heritage, but a hint of power doesn't make her more than a Human being. DAMN
Mahasin Arham
Mahasin Arham 2 дня назад
Do kakashi vs gojo
Jahmarley Ambo
Jahmarley Ambo День назад
gojo trashes kakashi
NIB⃣B⃣A 2 дня назад
Based on what the comments look like, I can already tell that mikasa lost.
piston 2 дня назад
Wow that was really good!😀
WK_MERCURY 2 дня назад
Mikasa should have fought Leonardo. This episode was such a mismatch
Jonathan Juarez
Jonathan Juarez День назад
Funny thing is a composite Leo would’ve stomped her even harder seeing as composite Leo is town level with relativistic reactions vs Blake’s building to city block level level power + durability and high hypersonic+ at most speeds.
Hoenirsolo 2 дня назад
Who would win a godess or a slightly stronger human?
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